Why is sterling silver turning my finger green and what can I do about it?

Finding that perfect jewelry article, especially a sterling silver ring, is a daunting task. And, finding the ‘ONE,’ and realizing that it is making your finger turn green, is just a heartbreak, isn’t it? Well, it kind of is, but it doesn’t have to be if you know the reason behind it and what you can do to avoid it. Sterling silver has been used for thousands of years in making jewelry, ornaments, currency, apparel, trophies and medals, and many more things that are kept as prized possessions by the people who own them. Silver is a precious metal but it is challenging to mold it into anything, and even if one manages to do it somehow, the molded article is likely to bend easily under light force, which is not what we want after all those efforts. To make silver more rigid, copper is added into it, which forms the most excellent form of silver, known as 925 sterling silver all around the world. It contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper by volume, which gives silver the rigidity it requires to hold its shape when molded into jewelry or any other article.

Sterling Silver: Boon Or Bane?

Now, there are always two sides of a coin, which is also the case here. The copper, while giving the rigidity and strength, also tarnishes the jewelry when it comes in contact with moisture. It is either this tarnishing that is making your fingers turn green, or it is happening because your skin is sensitive to copper, which is present in sterling silver in very minute quantities. Does this mean that you can never wear a sterling silver ring or other jewelry made with it? Not at all, because there many measures that you can take to prevent those green finger stains which are listed below, followed by methods to remove those nasty green marks if they have already happened.

Preventive Measures

1. Protect Your Jewelry From Moisture

Sterling silver contains some copper, as we mentioned before, which can come in contact with moisture and make your jewelry tarnished. This tarnishing effect may cause your finger turn green, which is the reason you should avoid wearing jewelry in environments with more moisture than usual. Some instances where you should avoid wearing sterling silver jewelry are swimming pools, sauna and steam baths, while cleaning around, while washing clothes/utensils, etc. If your sterling silver jewelry comes in contact with moisture, make sure you wipe it completely dry so that no moisture is left in the difficult-to-reach areas. Do this, and your jewelry will remain as shiny as new for decades to come.

2. Wear high-quality jewelry

Always wear high-quality jewelry, no matter if it is sterling silver, gold, or platinum, it should be 100% real without any other metal mixed, unless mentioned otherwise. To do this, you should always buy your jewelry from trusted retailers like GSJ, KAY, Pandora, Zales, etc. Even if you are buying from a local jeweler, but only if you have full confidence in them, and look for the hallmark of every jewelry item that you buy. All sterling silver jewelry articles will have ‘925’ stamped on them, which ensures 100% authenticity.

3. Try clear nail polish or jeweler’s shield

If you are allergic to copper, both the methods mentioned above will not help, because even the best quality sterling silver will contain copper. So, this is where you use the coating method. Try clear nail polish of buy jeweler’s shield from the market, which is made for the sole purpose of stopping such reactions. Apply a layer on the inside of your sterling silver ring and let it dry for about half an hour. If you are using clear nail polish, it might last for 4-6 days, and if you are using the jeweler’s shield, it will last for about two months with regular usage and about three months with less frequent usage. This method can work for any metal that you may be allergic to.

Cure For Green Finger Stains

1. Makeup remover

This is probably the best methods out there to tackle with green-black colored marks on your fingers because of jewelry. Just pour some on a cotton pad and wipe away the stains. These stains are not very stubborn and are usually seen within the first few days of happening, which makes it easier to remove them. If the stains seem stubborn, repeat 2-3 times, and it should work. Wash your hands after the process, dry them, and use one of the preventive methods mentioned above before wearing the jewelry again.

3. Nail polish remover

A nail-polish remover is not very different than the makeup remover, and neither is its application. Just make sure you use the one without any acetone if you have sensitive skin because it will only do the opposite of what you want. Use this method if the first one fails, or is not as effective.

2. Rubbing alcohol

Use rubbing alcohol in the same way as the makeup remover. This method is a better one because it has a better effect on the stains, but it is also more harsh on the skin. So, use it only if the above methods don’t work.

Your sterling silver jewelry needs some care, and so does your skin, especially if it is sensitive to copper. Most people’s skin does not react copper and is only seeing the green marks because of too much moisture around the jewelry item. Just make sure your sterling silver jewelry is well protected and maintained or read ‘Jewelry Care Info’ to know more on how to clean and maintain your sterling silver jewelry. Combined with that, the above points will definitely help you steer clear of the green finger stains and make your jewelry shine brightly for years on.


What Metaphysical Properties Of Moonstone Make It So Popular

*Joy*     *Divine Protection*     *Safe Voyage* *Motherly Nurturing*     *New Beginnings* *Love* *Saintly Wisdom*     *Clean Aura* *Positive Vibes* *Good Luck* *Creativity*

Moon’s goddess Diana’s jewel and every moon child’s desire, moonstone has been made famous because of its unique blue shine and its peerless healing, protecting, and nurturing properties. Moonstone is found in many parts of the world, which is another reason it is so popular among the moon’s tribe, which has moon children spread everywhere. It emits the feminine energy of Yin, which is the serene, tranquil energy said to be a character of moonstone that has been mirrored off the moon. It is also known to synthesize the powers of the mind and channelize them in one direction for a better concentration and tenacity. These qualities of moonstone are only the tip of the iceberg which is explained in this article. But before that, let us find out a little more about moonstone and see why moonstone jewelry is the only jewelry you will ever need.

Untitled design (11)

More About Moonstone

Moonstone can be of many varieties, and they can fall in orthoclase, oligoclase, or any other group of the feldspar family of minerals. This is the family of minerals that contains all the magical looking stones with an unparalleled sheen with labradorite and moonstone being the most popular. While moonstone is available in many colors, the most famous one, which is called the rainbow moonstone, is actually labradorite in white matrix. It has a light blue colored sheen, sometimes with a hint of green, orange, yellow, violet, purple, etc., which is visible when held against a direct light. This extraordinary phenomenon makes moonstone perfect to make jewelry items because such a magical sight in jewelry will make it even more precious and beautiful. A moonstone ring will shift everyone’s attention from whatever they’re doing towards your ring because it is shining in an array of rainbow colors. And, the healing properties of moonstone always follow, which are explained below.

Metaphysical Properties Of Moonstone

Moonstone is a feminine gemstone that emits energies to make you aware of your deep, hidden feminine side to bring out the motherly, nurturing, and calm nature from within you. It helps you become more wise and creative, which makes it the perfect gemstone for performance artists, painters, poets, etc. It also helps in strengthening relationships, especially the ones where distance is causing rifts. A moonstone with you and your loved ones in any corner of the world will make your bond stronger than ever and help your relationship evolve.

Wearing moonstone also helps women have a better chance of conceiving because it awakens the kundalini energy, the energy of life and rebirth. It is the perfect jewelry gem for women because it helps in eliminating fluid retention, reducing pregnancy-related pain and period cramps, correcting the hormonal imbalance, and much more. It is an other-worldly experience to wear moonstone because you start feeling its effect on your life, which when you understand its blessings, its magic, its spellbinding capabilities.

What Is The Meaning Of Moon And Stars Exhibited In These Jewels

When stars align to form beautiful constellations, and the moon sits there watching this show presented by nature, we might realize how lucky we are to be experiencing this sight. The universe is a sea of possibilities and impossibilities, and one needs to dive deep to understand the meaning of things that are beyond the comprehension of the most. It contains so many heavenly bodies which align extraordinarily to affect our lives in ways that may change us, forever. They form a picture of how life may unfold for us, and there is only so much we can do to improve how these enchanted bodies act in our favor. But, after all, this ‘so much’ isn’t very very little because there are blessed materials from the universe that might come in our lives one day to enlighten us, and help us become free of the ties that have been holding us back. They might help us let go of the concepts, perceptions, mindsets, and elements that don’t benefit us anymore. Help us maintain a clean aura to begin the healing of our mind, body, and soul in a manner consistent with the elegance and spirituality of our spirit. To do all this, God blessed our planet with crystals, like moonstone, peridot, topaz, amethyst, carnelian, etc. These crystals are worn as jewelry so that they can be kept close at all times, which helps in the process of healing. These crystals come in vibrant colors and various visual effects when they reflect and refract light from different angles. Some of them exhibit a cat’s eye effect, some reflect light in various colors, while some are completely clear of any inclusions for a rich feel. Out of all these gems, moonstone is the one being discussed over here. Below are some moonstone bracelets and necklaces which depict ‘moon and stars’ designs from Gemstone Silver Jewelry, among hundreds of other designs. They are studded with moonstone, and we will try to find out the connection between the moon, stars, moonstone, and these heavenly designs. Let’s take a look.

Moon And Star Jewels


These are only some of the jewels that exhibit moon and stars in their design. This may seem like a combination that seems to have perfectly worked aesthetically, but there is a lot more to it than what meets the eye. We are talking about moon’s relation with the moonstone, concerning looks, traits, and healing properties, and how these designs work so well with all of these.

The Real Meaning Of These Designs

A moonstone bracelet, or necklace, is something that one would wear for two reasons; the first reason could be the design and its overall aesthetic appearance with moonstone’s sheen and silver’s shine, and the second would be to receive the spiritual healing from moonstone. These designs define the already beautiful jewels more deeply and profoundly. Moonstone is the gem of letting go and moving on; it gets this serene wisdom from the moon and ancient gods of the moon. It carries these qualities only to bless the devotee with them if it is taken care of respectfully. It is the feminine stone that represents the motherly, nurturing nature of the moon itself, which means wearing moonstone jewelry will help you explore your absolute feminine side.

There are many more ways in which moonstone is connected with the moon, and one of them is the appearance. The milky white color is common in both of them with some irregularities here and there, but moonstone displays an iridescent sheen on its surface when it reflects light, which is the feature that makes it unique in the world of gemstones. It is a holy gem of gots and, if respected and cared for, it can burn old bridges of melancholy and paint the rainbow of happiness and joy in your life.


Why Are Celestial Rings The Best Moonstone Rings?

Jewelry has come a long way since the Art Nouveau period when the beginning of moonstone jewelry was marked as we know it today. Moonstone’s use was prominent even thousands of years ago, and there are thousands of stories of ancient European people relating this exceptional gem with their deities. They wore jewelry and ornaments with moonstone studded in them to honor these gods and goddesses, most of who were connected to the moon, or some celestial force of the night sky. The Art Nouveau period was the time when a French goldsmith, Rene Lalique, made use of moonstone and all the other artists followed.

It didn’t really start off as the jewelry we know now, but it started as shaping the moonstone in different shapes to make sculptures out of it because he was a glass artist famous for his vases, chandeliers, wine bottles, perfume bottles, and of course, jewelry. He created the Rolls Royce hood ornament made of glass which was later used in a special edition Silver Wrath from Rolls Royce in 1956, 11 years after Rene passed away. It is so surprising how moonstone started its journey in the modern era and made its way into jewelry because its healing powers ask you to keep it always close to you so that it can heal your spirit and mend your soul.

Healing Of Moonstone

It is always said that these healing powers are the moon’s blessings on moonstone because many believed that moonstone was formed on the earth by hardened moonbeams falling on the rocks. It is said to carry the moon’s character of wisdom and serenity, which are the most significant attributes it can provide the wearer or the preacher with. There are many more talismanic and amuletic properties of moonstone which make it the king of gems, at least in the spiritual world. It is worn by frequent voyagers, travelers, gypsies, bohos, etc., for a blessed life and a nurturing hand of god on them. Let us see how the two most magical aspects of moonstone’s history have been used to make moonstone jewelry designs by GSJ.

Celestial Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone was very prominent in ancient Europe because it was worn in honor of night goddesses Diana, Selene, Nyx, etc. They were all related to the moon, the stars, or the night. GSJ have taken this aspect of the moonstone’s history and combined it with their niche of 925 sterling silver jewelry designing, and VOILA! The most adorable moonstone jewelry pieces were produced. They carry the shine of moonstone, the strength of sterling silver, the blessings of gods and goddesses, and the appeal of the night sky. Below are some articles showcasing the masterpieces from GSJ which are entirely worth falling in love with.  


1. Moonstone Ring- Moon and Star


This is a sun and moon ring with the crescent moon on either side of the sun, which is represented by the moonstone. The band ring design contains the night sky’s charm with the oxidized silver giving the perfect background. It is a ring you can wear daily and stay blessed by moonstone and its healing powers.

2. Moonstone Ring- Abundance


This crescent moon ring made with sterling silver and grade-AA moonstones is the boho jewel everyone must own. The twofold reason behind this is the divine design, which is accompanied by the unreal and magical healing of the moonstone studded in an artistic fashion.

3. Moonstone Ring- Moon’s Myth


This exceptional moonstone ring represents the ring of light around the moon and is rightly named moon’s myth because the popular belief of this ring being moon’s halo is a myth and it just happens because moon’s light refracts through the ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. This ring is for those who like wearing big pieces of jewelry and can fashion such bold jewels wherever they go while receiving the moon’s love at all times.

Is Jewelry The Best Gift For Daughter’s Day?

A Daughter Is A Day Brighter & A Heart Warmer

Feeling excited that daughter’s day is just around the corner? Or, perhaps, nervous because you still haven’t decided what to buy for her? Well, now is the time you stop stressing about that gift because you have stumbled upon the article that will solve all your problems and make you that super mom/super dad that she deserves because this year around, she is going to get some fantastic jewelry for her daughter’s day gift. And, it’s not going to be the typical fashion jewelry which is only good for one occasion, or maximum two. But instead, it’s going to be some magical pieces of jewelry that can be worn every day and she will still come back for them because they are full of divine blessings and healing powers. Healing powers of gemstones have more effect on kids and teenagers because of their purer soul and beliefs. Let us see what moonstone and other gemstones can do in your daughter’s life to help her excel in life’s every aspect and lead a happier, healthier, and moral life.

Role Of Gemstones In Nurturing Phase

We always think of our kids whenever we make a decision that would have even the tiniest of impacts on them and their nurturing. But, sometimes we come across problems that we can’t seem to understand. We think that we have done everything right from our end, so why did it happen? These problems could be anything from poor academic performance, poor physical health, shyness, imaginary friends, etc. There are many things in your daughter’s mind, no matter how old she is. A girl of 6 years old will have different challenges than someone older. Gemstones like moonstone, larimar, ammolite, charoite, blue topaz, etc., have a very high spiritual importance to monks and shamans which makes them super gems. These gems can be worn by your daughter in jewelry to make this daughter’s day her most lively one. Without further ado, let’s dive into the jewelry gift ideas for this daughters day with healing gemstones.

Healing Gemstone Jewelry For Your Daughter

Below is a carefully curated list of healing gemstone jewelry that you can buy for your daughter to help her overcome challenges you don’t have a solution to. Every jewelry item has one or more healing gemstones, and it is explained why it will be conducive for your daughter.

1. Moonstone Ring


This is a moonstone and sterling silver ring, named Bella’s Swan that has been designed to make all the worries go away. Moonstone’s motherly nurturing powers will keep her protected from evil, and its enlightening guidance will make her wiser and wiser with every step she takes holding on to this moon ring. Moonstones are also known to improve creativity, which is an invaluable asset for teenagers or any artist. This moonstone ring will make her want to experiment, try, fail, and revive, which is all that young age is about.

2. Turquoise Earrings


Sophia is the goddess of wisdom and turquoise is worn as an honor to her by all those who seek the wisdom of heart and mind. This is a pair of turquoise earrings that will be your daughter’s choice of jewelry on those days she feels blingy because they are all about style. Turquoise is the gemstone that is said to provide equal powers to men and women to unite them, which is a lesson of equality and feminism everyone needs to learn. Gifting her this jewelry will improve her life and bring her closer to you.


3. Moonstone Necklace



This moonstone silver necklace will make things interesting in her jewelry box and also make her life more comfortable with the spiritual healing of moonstone. If your girl is going through menstrual pains, pregnancy, or postpartum depression, moonstone is the best gift you can give her this daughter’s day because it can soothe cramps, pregnancy & childbirth-related pain, and reduce the period of postpartum depression. It is the perfect gem for a girl, and this ring defines every aspect of it in a trendy manner.


4. Amethyst Pendant


This is another pendant that your daughter will appreciate because it has the blessings of Artemis, the Greek Goddess of hunt and childbirth. Amethyst is a crystal which is known for its mystical purple color and its connection with the Roman moon Goddess, Diana, too. Combining this crystal with moonstone jewelry will tend to your daughter in ways you may never have imagined. It is the gemstone of humility and devotion, which will teach your daughter to believe in the power above and always trust God’s plan.

Gem Gossip – Moonstone Jewelry

It’s just the beginning of your moonstone jewelry collection

We know you have become obsessed with moonstone jewelry in this summer of 2018, and why wouldn’t you be? Our obsession with moonstones is very contagious and we make sure you also connect with the moon like we do because there is nothing more divine than this feeling. Now, this is a special post that talks about some tips and tricks you can do to maintain a start and maintain a moonstone jewelry collection of your own. We have plenty of pieces for your liking and you know how active we are about adding new designs to our web store. We just added some adorable designs with cab-cut and faceted moonstones. This time we have gone for a more contemporary approach in our designs because we realized we had many traditional designs but no designs to attract the generation of today. So we went with designs like feathers, a compass, moon, and stars, the sun, some flowers, etc. These new-age designs really seem to entice the generation Y, or as we call them ‘the millennials.’ These designs can also act like different themes to your jewelry collection. Let’s get started on the ideas for your collection.

3 Exceptional Moonstone Jewelry Collection Ideas

Before we get started on the different ways you can start to collect rainbow moonstone jewelry, let us discuss what exactly moonstone stands for and how can you decide different sections you can have in your collection. We already know that moonstone promotes healing in various ways, so you can divide your jewelry according to the type of situation you would wear it in for the right kind of healing required. Moonstone is connected with the moon, too so you can have different sections of different celestial bodies in your collection. There are many other ways you can start by dividing the jewelry according to the occasion, time of the day, venue, type of design, shape of the jewelry/moonstone, etc. Here, we are going to look at the top 3 ways we can build a collection that will be second to none. Let’s do it.

1. Celestial Collection

Because moonstone has the word ‘moon’ in it, there has to be this type of collection and it definitely should be on top because the qualities moonstone and the moon share are eerily astonishing. This collection of jewelry calls for designs that resemble the moon, stars, or anything celestial. You can find the perfect silver moonstone jewelry to make you look like the goddess you aspire to become from within. There will be many pieces to choose from when you are looking at the jewelry on Gemstone Silver Jewelry’s store, so we’ve handpicked some amazing pieces of heaven for you. Let’s take a look at them.

Image 1

Looking at these pieces will immediately remind you of the moon, and that is exactly the intention here. Every design has the moon resemblance in common, which is why these pieces are our most favorite in celestial designs. They will definitely open up new fashion doors for you as these designs look like they belong in the jewelry box of a goddess.

2. Traditional Collection

After Celestial Collection, come Traditional Collection. This is a set of jewelry items that boast a bold design with substantial moonstones, just like the people of older imperial times used to wear. The intricate patterns speak of the type of designs used in the far east when kings and queens treasured artists and their art, which were visible, not only in the jewelry, but on their clothes, palace walls, cutlery and crockery, etc. Introducing that design ideology in blue moonstone jewelry, Gemstone Silver Jewelry is full of pieces that will make you fall in love. Let’s look at some of those pieces that just took our heart away.

image 2

The pieces in this feature all have a big moonstone in the middle shining like a halo. The only difference is that it has a mesmerizing bluish-purple sheen on the surface. If you look at the pattern around the moonstone, you will notice some blackened areas, This is oxidized silver and it is this way because these pieces have to have an antique feel to them.

3. Contemporary Collection

When there is a traditional collection, there has to be a contemporary collection, too, right? The contemporary designs of rainbow moonstone jewelry can be very different from each other but there are some things common in all of them. First of all, you will not find oxidized silver in these designs. All the silver is completely shiny, just like the generation ‘Y’ likes their jewelry. Second, the size of the moonstone will, not necessarily, be smaller as compared to traditional designs. There can also be other gemstones combined with moonstone because mixing and matching is all what contemporary is all about. Third, you will see that the designs are relatively simpler when compared to other styles. GSJ has many designs that will satisfy your modern taste. Let’s look at some of those designs we think you will definitely like.

image 3

You can easily look at these designs and say that they are as modern as it gets. The ring even features blue topaz, which is another beautiful gemstone that complements the bluish-purple sheen on the moonstone right next to it. These jewelry items will definitely become your favorites because they hold the moon’s charm in the most glamorous way.

Moonstone jewelry is something that goes beyond what meets the eye, which is the reason it has been worn by the monks and shamans since ages. These are just an example of how you can start to build your own jewelry collection. There can be a hundred more ideas to build a collection of different themes based on the design, shape of moonstone, occasion, etc. Let us know in the comments section what ways you are going to start your moonstone jewelry collection because we always love to hear new ideas from fellow moonchildren.

5 Best Online Moonstone Jewelry Stores You Must Look Out For

Stay Put And Shop Away Your Favorite Moonstone Jewelry

The Internet is wonderful. Today, there is nothing that can not be done online. You name it, and that activity will be present on the internet, or at least its alternative will definitely be present. E-commerce has seen a jump in users in the past decade, and it is all because of the convenience it provides. Sitting at home and chilling can be clubbed with shopping, and you won’t even have to move an inch, except to open the door to receive the product. Apart from all other things that you can order online, jewelry, or in particular, moonstone jewelry has become very popular recently with stores coming up that are completely dedicated to such jewelry. Moonstone is a white colored gemstone, and its sheen consists of cool colors like blue, green, violet, indigo, etc. Sterling silver moonstone jewelry is something that has been appreciated the most because silver perfectly complements moonstone’s colors, which is the reason for its popularity in recent years.

More About Moonstone Jewelry

Around the world, moonstone is known as the Traveler’s Stone. The reason behind this is not very simple but a divine one. It is known to protect travelers when they travel in the night. It is known to hold the spiritual light of the moon, which shows the path to the travelers in life and protects them from the creatures of the night. There are many qualities that moonstone can transfer into the wearer, like calmness, wisdom, creativity, love, affection, etc. Moonstone jewelry has been worn for as long as we know because it honors many moon and night gods in Ancient Europe, especially Rome and Greece. Monks and shamans have been wearing moonstone jewelry all around in the Eastern countries. In recent history, moonstone jewelry became famous again around the 60s but only among the hippies and gypsies because of it’s healing powers and connection to the moon. Last 5 years have seen the rise of moonstone jewelry again, and this time everyone is buying moonstone jewelry, irrespective of the reason.

Top Online Stores To Buy Moonstone Jewelry

The Internet is full of stores that say they sell the highest quality moonstone jewelry, but only a few of those stores stand out and live up to the expectations. This is a list curated for anyone who wants to know where they can buy the best moonstone jewelry. It consists of a list of handpicked stores with highest online responsibility, best quality gold and silver moonstone jewelry, most convenient and hassle-free quick delivery, and swiftest after-sales services. You can be assured of the best shopping experience at these stores. Let’s look at the list:-

1. Etsy

Etsy.com is the biggest marketplace where artists can sell umpteen number of goods that are handmade. You can find many products on sale, like diaries, pillows, jewelry, clothes, shoes, candles, and thousands of other products that are handmade and unique. Coming to moonstone jewelry, Etsy has hundreds of sellers that sell beautiful handmade jewelry, which means every piece that they sell is a unique one and you will not find another piece that is exactly the same. For those, who like having jewelry that holds a meaning and has a story, Etsy is the best marketplace that connects artists with millions of users. Buying from Etsy comes with its advantages and disadvantages because it is a marketplace with many sellers from around the world. But, most of those disadvantages have been controlled well by Etsy’s management, which is the reason this marketplace makes it to the top of our list.

2. Amazon

Amazon.com is also a marketplace that sells everything. You can buy groceries, clothes, jewelry, shoes, makeup, electronics, accessories, and anything you can imagine from various top brands to independent sellers. Moonstone jewelry is available in abundance on amazon.com but there’s is a difference in the jewelry sold here and the one sold at Etsy. Here, any brand can sell the jewelry no matter if it is handmade and unique or mass-produced copies. The feeling of personal touch is lost and due to that, Amazon makes it to the second rank instead of first. The sellers are more organized and professional, which makes it easier for Amazon to manage them that directly translates to a better customer service and experience.

3. Gemstone Silver Jewelry

Gemstonesilverjewelry.us is a website that is completely dedicated towards moonstone and silver jewelry. After the big marketplaces in the, like Etsy and Amazon which have so many sellers that affect the uniformity of the experience, Gemstone Silver Jewelry is the online store that makes the best quality moonstone jewelry and you can be sure of the quality because it is their niche and it’s all they do. There are a very few US-based stores that have dedicated themselves to moonstone and Gemstone Silver Jewelry makes it to the top of that list because of their exceptional quality jewelry, hassle free delivery, returns, exchanges and ace of a customer service. The best thing is that their services are not limited to the Us, they also provide an option for worldwide shipping. They are a seller that has the biggest collection of moonstone jewelry in the whole United States, and possibly the world. They have been in business for not more than 2 years and they have already made their online presence prominent, which means they are doing really good.

4. Bohomoon

Bohomoon.com is a United Kingdom-based online store that specializes in silver jewelry with moonstone and without it. Their store consists of hundreds of moonstone jewelry designs as they boast the biggest collection of moonstone jewelry in the UK. Their store also has plain gold and rose gold jewelry and their pendants are loved all around the UK. The jewelry that they make is mass-produced, so if someone likes your jewelry very much, he or she can buy the same piece from Bohomoon by just visiting the website and ordering it. Their customer service is exceptional as many people have left long reviews describing their excellent experience on many occasions related to purchase, returns, exchange, etc.


Lunaskye.com is another US-based online store that sells alluring jewelry with moonstones and many other gemstones. Because their attention is not completely towards moonstone, they are ranked 5th on this list. They make moonstone jewelry with sterling silver, 14kt gold, and rose gold. Their moonstone jewelry is more of a sophisticated nature with gold and calibrated cuts, instead of sterling silver and cabochon cut which speaks more of the bohemian and free nature of moonstone’s aura. Apart from moonstone, their store sells jewelry with diamond, black diamond, brown diamond, tourmaline, pink sapphire, and many more gemstones that you will feel spoilt for choice. The after-sales service of Lunaskye Jewelry is really outstanding that really cares about the customer and their problems.


This list has been curated after a deep understanding of the business process at each of these stores. Their product’s quality, value for money, comparison of the image and the actual product, ease of purchase and user experience of the website, delivery, customer service, and many more factors are kept in mind while making this list. At least 25 different websites were evaluated, out of which these 5 made the cut to finish on top. They are all ace at what they do and are leading the way for moonstone jewelry in the online space with their excellent overall customer experience.


Why I Love Moonstone: My Favorite Moonstone Earrings

I have always wanted to share the jewelry I own with the people but never got a chance until today. I am going to write a lot about moonstone and the greatest pair of moonstone earrings I have in my jewelry box because it is the gemstone I really admire. It is something that really helps on many levels. It is known to hold many of moon’s qualities that it can transmit to the person nearby and what is the best way to always be around the moonstone than wearing it as jewelry, right?

An Old Obsession

I don’t even remember since when I have been a fan of this exceptional stone. It is almost impossible to believe that our mother earth can give birth to such marvelous pieces of gemstones. It shines like no other gemstone, which is the thing that attracts one towards it. But, that’s not it, moonstone is much more than that.

Like I already said, it is a gemstone that is known to hold various of moon’s qualities. The two most prominent ones are the tranquility and wisdom. Wearing moonstone is a feeling that can hardly be described in words. It is said that these two qualities come easy to those who have been wearing moonstone for a long time.

Wearing Moonstone

I will not try to describe the feeling that wearing moonstone gives you, you will have to wear it on your own to know. I will just tell you a little something about moonstone and my favorite moonstone earrings. They have been with me for almost a year now and, because of the sterling silver, they look as good as new, even today.

So, why moonstone? Why not any other gemstone, there are hundreds? Well, I have always thought of myself as a moonchild who loves and admires moon and its beauty. Looking at it is a calming feeling in itself. This is the main reason I wear moonstone, I think it is my spirit gemstone.

Why Not Any Other Gemstone?

There are other gemstones as well, but they don’t have the charm that moonstone has. The unmatched sheen on the moonstone is a mix of various cool colors, like blue, purple, violet, green, indigo, etc. These colors look distinctively beautiful when seen on the clear-to-milky white moonstone. This effect is known as adularescence and it is exclusive to the moonstone.

Moonstone Earrings: Night soul

Now, coming to the moonstone earrings that have been sitting in my jewelry box and make an occasional appearance on my ears. I wear them on occasions because I really treasure them and would not want them to take an unprecedented hit by wearing them daily. I bought these earrings on www.gemstonesilverjewelry.us. They have the most alluring collection of moonstone and silver jewelry.

228_1 The earrings are called ‘Night Soul’ and I can’t think of a reason why someone would refuse buying these earrings. Just look at them, they are so delectable! They hold the round cab-cut moonstone with a great design all around it that appreciates this stone well. It is a pair that I have kept protected, not because of its monetary value, but because of its ethereal value.

How To Avoid Green Jewelry Stains On Skin: 5 Brilliant Ideas

Be good to your skin because you’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.

It is always said that you should invest in your skin as it is going to represent you for a long time. What does it actually mean? Does this mean you should invest in good skincare products? To some extent, yes. But, there so much more to taking care of your skin than just applying skin products on it. You have to be careful of what touches your skin. You need to be aware of how your skin reacts to certain metals, chemicals, temperatures, weather conditions, etc to be able to take care of your skin well. Here, we will concentrate on the distressing phenomenon where you see your fingers, or any other part of your skin with green colored patches after wearing certain jewelry, like silver moonstone jewelry, silver larimar jewelry, silver chokers, etc. This may make you think that the jewelry is of low-quality or it is because of sterling silver, right? Well, it is a myth that we have been believing for a long time now. There could be the case of low-quality jewelry, but there are other factors, too that can cause green stains on the skin. Read further to find out what can cause those nasty green colored patches and how you can avoid them.

Is Sterling Silver Causing The Green Patches On My Skin?

The biggest myth we have about silver jewelry is that it can cause the skin to turn green, or low-quality silver can turn the skin green. Well, the reason for those stains could be many and they are all mentioned below. It could be because of the jewelry, your skin type, allergy to some metals, humidity, or chemicals from cleaners, swimming pools, etc. Below are the possible reasons why sterling silver is causing green patches on your skin.

  1. Sterling Silver Composition: The ace of all the silvers, 925 sterling silver is an amazing metal for jewelry because of its lustrous shine, tarnish-resistance, and durability. But, there is one teensy spot of bother in the composition of sterling silver. There are some people who are allergic to copper and that is the reason they may not be able to wear sterling silver jewelry without facing the green patches on their skin. Copper, with many other metals, is added in very little amounts to silver to make it sterling silver and give it the all the great properties that make it last and shine for long, very long.
  2. Low-Quality Silver: This could be another reason for your skin’s green stains. Lower grade jewelry can contain a mixture of many metals and this type of jewelry is usually found in the flea markets and untrusted shady retailers. If you sense something is off with the whole buying experience, you should look for jewelry at a better store. 925 sterling silver jewelry will always be stamped with the numbers ‘925.’ This is not a foolproof method, but it can give you some conviction.
  3. Chemicals: Even if you are not allergic to copper, you can experience patches on your skin around the area that the jewelry was touching because of interaction with various chemicals. When you clean the house, you use different house cleaners with various mild-strong chemicals, mostly acid. These chemicals can, not only tarnish your jewelry, they can also cause reactions on your skin. Same is the case with swimming pools because they contain a chemical named chlorine, which is not good for your jewelry.
  4. Humidity and Sweat: Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals. These metals are mixed in it because they help silver become stable in many ways. However, they don’t make it completely stable and it can still cause discoloration and cause patches on your skin due to high humidity. It is recommended to keep your sterling silver jewelry away from sauna baths, steam baths, swimming pools, or any other place with high humidity and places that cause high perspiration.
  5. Skincare Products: Some of the skin care products that you freely use on your skin will make you think that they are doing only good and no harm-well, think again. These products contain umpteen number of chemicals and are and these chemicals can react with the metal in your jewelry to cause a reaction. This reaction can affect your jewelry, as well as your skin.

How Do I Avoid Green Stains On My Skin?

The green stains or patches caused because of copper or some other reaction can be avoided. Some ways talk about avoiding to wear a certain type of jewelry at certain places, some tell you the tips and tricks of avoiding those nasty marks even when you are allergic to a metal in your jewelry. All of these methods will make sure that you are able to wear any jewelry you want; responsibly and safely.

  1. Avoid Water and Humidity: This is the first and foremost rule of wearing silver jewelry-keep it away from water as much as you can. Even if you wear it and it comes in contact with water, wipe the water off as soon as you are away from the water before it causes any harm to your skin and jewelry. Avoid wearing jewelry in saunas and steam baths or while performing an activity that requires you to use water for a long time.
  2. Avoid Cleaning While Wearing Jewelry: This is no brainer as the chemicals that we discussed earlier can react with the metal and cause those ugly patches. They can even tarnish and corrode your jewelry if it goes on for a long time. These chemicals are neither good for your jewelry nor your skin, so keep contact with them to the minimum.
  3. Use Nail Polish if you are Allergic: This method can only be applied when wearing rings. If you are allergic to copper, you should avoid wearing sterling silver because it has some amount of copper. But, if you really have your heart stuck on a ring which is made of sterling silver, you should not stop yourself from buying and wearing it because there’s a great trick. Paint the inside of the ring with a clear nail paint and let it dry. Wear that ring anytime, anywhere until the polish wears off, and apply it again whenever you feel it has lost its effect.
  4. Buy From a Trusted Source: Whenever you buy sterling silver, you must keep one thing in mind-always buy from a trusted seller. The ‘925’ stamp is the mark of genuine sterling silver, but it is not a method that is difficult to fake. You should always go to a trusted store to buy jewelry, especially sterling silver. You don’t want to take a chance with what you put on your skin. www.gemstonesilverjewelry.us has alluring nickel-free sterling silver and moonstone jewelry designs that can be trusted.
  5. Polymer Barrier: This is exactly the same method as the previous one, the only difference is that, instead of nail polish, which is a temporary solution and will wear off really quickly, you will be using polymer barrier that lasts up to 2 months. You can easily buy polymer barrier, commonly known as jeweler’s skin guard, online for about $7. Applying it is same as the nail polish. In fact, it also comes in a similar bottle.


NOTE: When you see dark green or black colored stains on your skin because of jewelry, don’t panic and the first thing- wash your hands. If washing doesn’t help much, you can consider using nail polish remover (non-acetone,) makeup remover, or rubbing alcohol to get rid of the marks. If it doesn’t irritate your skin, you’ll probably be fine but if it does, you should go and see your dermatologist because it could be an allergic reaction you may not know about.

Introducing The All New Healing Chakra Jewelry

Healing comes when we choose to walk away from the darkness and walk towards a brighter light.

Some things in life don’t come easy or simple. Sometimes you may never realize what was the reason you failed an interview. There are days when you would not understand what is going on. All these feelings generate in our minds when things are not going right. Even when the things are slightly out of place we tend to think of it as a big disaster. This overthinking and overanalyzing comes as a result of unbalanced chakras. It is vital maintaining chakra health because such situations if stretched for a long time, can lead to severe cases of stress and depression. Chakras do not only maintain your mental health but also your physical and spiritual health. So, keeping all your chakras in harmony is something you must divert your attention to if you feel any of the above. Even if you don’t, you will feel even more divine and spiritually elevated if you keep your chakras aligned.

The term ‘chakra’ comes from the Sanskrit language and it means ‘wheel.’ Our body consists of 7 chakras in total and all these chakras define different aspects of our physical, mental, and spiritual health and it is said that all these chakras must be in a straight line to keep everything going well. You can think of these chakras as cogs of a wheel that need to work together to keep the machinery (here your body) up and running. Chakras are considered so important because they are the spiritual energy centers of the body that accumulate the positive energy and release the negative energy from the body which is the root cause of ailments, both mental and physical. Aligning them requires help sometimes and this can be achieved with healing chakra jewelry. There are chakra jewelry pieces available for all the chakras and there are some more pieces that help in different ways to work on all the chakras to bring an overall spiritual satisfaction.

Following are the 7 chakras in the body. They are mentioned below:

  1. The Root Chakra – Located at the base of the spine and represented by red color, this chakra helps in controlling the basic and survival instincts.
  2. The Sacral Chakra – It is located at the lower abdomen near the navel. It is orange and is responsible for sexuality, self-esteem, and intuition.
  3. The Solar Plexus Chakra – This chakra is present at the upper abdomen near the point where the bottom ribs meet and it is said to be of yellow color. It takes care of ego and impulse.
  4. The Heart Chakra – This is a very important chakra present in the centre of the chest. It is represented by green color and is said to have control over compassion.
  5. The Throat Chakra – Pretty self-explanatory, present at the throat and shown in blue color. It manages communication and emotion.
  6. The 3rd Eye Chakra – This chakra is located between the eyes on the forehead and is believed to be of purple color. It controls wisdom, rationality, and imagination.
  7. The Crown Chakra – This chakra is present at the top of the head and its indigo color helps the soul connect with the higher power above.

All the chakras mentioned above, also look after the functioning of the parts where they are situated. The crown chakra is considered as the most important chakra in the body because it is the prime one situated on the top of the head and is the spiritual center of the mind. There is a symbol representing each of these chakras, which is also the design of the jewelry articles made for that specific chakra. There are some more designs too that have different effects on the wearer. But, all of these items support healing of one or the other sort. You will find rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in all the designs in three colors; silver, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Every article is made of 925 sterling silver, which is the king of silver jewelry because of its amazing properties that have given it this title. The best thing about 925 sterling silver is that it is corrosion and tarnishing resistant. This makes it perfect for making jewelry because metals that are continuously in contact with the skin and air tend to discolor. Another thing about it is that it is 92.5% silver and the remaining part other metals because these metals provide strength and stability to silver. Pure silver is very malleable, which makes it very soft for making jewelry. Addition of these metals is the reason it becomes resistant to any kind of discoloration. There are other varieties of sterling silver available in the market, like 950 sterling silver. But, it is not the perfect silver like 925 sterling silver and that is the reason we have chosen to produce all our jewelry with it.

The healing chakra jewelry doesn’t only look alluring, it’s various healing qualities will affect your chakras and help you lead a happier and healthier life with a more divine connection with the power that governs us all. The feeling of wearing healing jewelry like this is completely other-worldly and you will start feeling that divine connection after wearing it for just some days. Some people like that feeling so much that they continue to wear healing jewelry all their lives, be it chakra jewelry or other healing jewelry like the one with chakra stones, moonstones, selenite, etc. There are so many reasons to wear healing chakra jewelry that you will have to look for reasons and you’ll hardly find any for not wearing it.